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MediaWave.TV Logo interviews Fillim Co-Founder Dan Solo

Dan Solo is the head man at screen content distribution platform Fillim. It's the new kid on the block in an increasingly crowded space. So what makes it different and how will they make their offer attractive to content creators? listen to the interview



Jessica Day from Idea Scale profiles Fillim

For self-distributing filmmakers, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a platform that allowed you the option of practically monetizing your art? That’s what Fillim does. Film auteurs can upload their work and name a download price (how the music industry can one-off their singles on Amazon or iTunes for $.99 profits)... read more



Co-Founders Dan and Joa talk Nerdi & Fillim

It was a roundabout journey which ultimately led to the creation of - a platform for education material to be shared, and for contributors to monetize on their work. A sister site catering to the independent film-maker was soon to follow: and it all stemmed from Dan Solo’s love of film, animation and the distribution of media... read more



New Film Distribution Platforms Working for Film Makers

At The Nerdologist we think creative people should have access to amazing online resources that allows them to share and sell their work and earn revenue so they can be resourced to go and create more fantastic things... read more


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