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Long Tan to Afghanistan

presented by verve entertainment international Language: English

A powerful and personal journey into the lives of the soldiers of Delta Company 6 RAR in Afghanistan in 2010, the anxiety of their families at home and the heart-wrenching impact of war.

Delta Company 6RAR is warned for deployment to Afghanistan. The Company prepares for the tough training that lies ahead. A few travel to Vietnam to walk the battlefield of Long Tan – to walk in the footsteps of soldiers who served proudly and heroically. As their departure draws closer, the men prepare those who will be left behind as best they can. But nothing can ally the concerns of an anxious mother or a fearful wife – and the grief of a family whose son will not return.

This is the deeply personal story of soldiers preparing for battle and the anguished wait of loved ones at home from whom duty and service can demand the ultimate price.

by Denny Neave

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4.0 Stars


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