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In the depths of a snowy forest in an unknown wartime, two soldiers from opposing armies try to outwit each other in a perilous game of cat and mouse - until they find themselves outplayed by destiny.

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Peter Solomon

Chilly Absurdist Wit

Shot in Switzerland, this short film is a gem. Written and directed by Serbian born filmmaker Acim Vasic, it is a witty response to American Action Man movies that never rise above moral black and white issues of "good guys" versus "bad guys". In contrast, Mr Vasic's film suggests that opposing sides in life - as in waring combat - are at a deeper level the same; that we're all in this together, and are responsible to each other. If this outline sounds grim, it is not. It is a polished production that features excellent casting, beautiful photography, apposite foley and score, and a dry witted storyline that recalls twentieth century East European absurdest theatre. I particularly like the shots of a winter owl. It is a creature that sees the folly in everything but judges nothing.
about 1 year ago

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