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How much does it cost me to sign up to Fillim?
Signing up is totally free! We don't charge you for uploading films, hosting films or serving films to your watchers. You should check with your ISP to see what their charges are for uploads and downloads as we have no control over this.
What type of files can I upload to Fillim?
  • Video
    • avi
    • mov (Quicktime)
    • mp4
    • m4v
    • flv
  • Docs
    • doc
    • pdf
    • xls
    • txt
    • jpg
    • png
    • gif
How much commission does Fillim take when a film sells?
Fillim gets 30% commission, and the film-maker gets 70%. 
Are there any other fees associated with selling films on Fillim?
  • Fillim pays the film-makers through PayPal. PayPal charge 30 cents per payment plus a transaction fee (this varies depending on your country... the range is between 2% and 3.4% however it is normally around 2.4%). This is subject to change as PayPal sets their prices independently of Fillim. 
  • When the iPhone & iPad applications are released the revenue from in app purchases will be 30% less as Apple takes 30% of the total. Even though this means the film-makers revenue will be lower per film sold we believe it is great to be able to sell through in app purchasing and film-makers will benefit from being able to sell their films in the app.
When do I get paid?
Fillim pays film-makers at the end of the month as long as the account is owed at least $10USD. We set the $10 minimum to avoid excessive transaction costs to film-makers.
What should I charge for my films?

You can charge as much as you like. We recommend making each film $2 - $3. Of course you can also charge more than $3 if you want to... It's up to you.

Can I create a box set?
You can charge for films individually or you can group them together in a box set so a film buff can buy a number of films all at once. We recommend giving a discount if film buffs buy them as a box set. Again... it's up to you.
Can I edit films after I have posted them?
Definitely… If you update a film you can easily re-upload the content at any time.
Can I edit box sets after I have posted them?
Definitely... You can easily re-order or even add or delete films from a box set if you need to.


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